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Implementing Multiple SF Business Units in

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions



While there are many benefits for implementing multiple Student Financials (SF) Business Units, immediate value is recognized by concentrating efforts on designing the business structure for an operational unit, rather than making compromises across units consolidated under one SF Business Unit. SF Business Units allow an operational unit to utilize its own set of unique and independent business rules. In situations where new operational units are being implemented on top of units already in Production, utilizing multiple SF Business Units significantly reduces risks and eliminates the necessity to continuously evaluate how decisions made for the new units will impact those currently in Production.


Student Financials Business Units


The Student Financials Business Unit is the central component of the PeopleSoft Student Financials application. SF Business Units are associated with an Academic Institution, a Campus within the Academic Institution, and a valid Campus Location of the Academic Institution. They are further defined with a General Ledger Unit for interfacing student and corporate receivables to the Financials General Ledger, and an Accounts Payable Business Unit for processing refunds. SF Business Units provide the primary security components in Student Financials for inquiry and posting access to both student and corporate accounts.

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